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List of Father of Nations in world

The list of Father of each Nation in world: This information’s are useful for all school, college students for improve their general knowledge.This information will be useful for General knowledge and Geography section in TNPSC exam, SSC exam etc…Mainly this…
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2014 Reunion of india’s 29 states and capital list | india’s parliament list announcement in 2014

The list of states and its capitals in India.  This information helpful for all competitive exams.

First in world

Name of first Men to climb Mt. Everest ? Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary Who was the first person to win the Nobel prize for Peace ? Jin F. Dunant (Switzerland)and Frederic Peiry (France) Who won first Nobel…
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First Leaders in India

This will helpful for all competitive exams… Who is the first president of India? Ans: Dr. Rajendra Prasad Who is the first vice president of India? Ans: Dr. S.Radha Krishnan  Who is the first prime minister of India? Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru  Who…
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