Finance Minister list in India

Finance Minister list in India:



The Minister of Finance is the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India. One of the senior-most offices in the Union Cabinet, the finance minister is responsible for the fiscal policy of the government. As part of this, a key duty of the Finance Minister is to present the annual Union Budget in Parliament, which details the government’s plan for taxation and spending in the coming financial year.

Finance Minister Name Year
R.K.Shanmukham Chetty1947 to 1949
John Mathai1949 to 1951
C.D.Deshmukh1951 to 1957
T.T.Krishnamachari1957 to 1958
Jawaharlal Nehru1958 to 1959
Morarji Desai1959 to 1964
T.T.Krishnamachari1964 to 1966
Sachindra Chowdhary1966 to 1967
Morarji Desai1967 to 1970
Indira Gandhi1970 to 1971
Y.B.Chavan1971 to 1975
C.Subramaniam1975 to 1977
H.M.Patel1977 to 1978
Charan Singh1979 to 1980
R.Venkataraman1980 to 1982
Pranab Mukherjee1982 to 1985
V.P.Singh1985 to 1987
N.D.Tiwari1988 to 1989
S.B.Chavan1989 to 1990
Madhu Dandavate1990 to 1991
Yashwant Sinha1991 to 1991
Manmohan Singh1991 to 1996
P.Shidambaram1996 to 1998
Yashwant Sinha1998 to 2002
Jaswant Singh2002 to 2004
P.Chidambaram2004 to 2008
Pranab Mukherjee2009 to 2012
P.Chidambaram2012 to 2014

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