Chief Election Commissioner list in India

The List of Election Commissioners in India:

The Chief Election Commissioner heads the Election Commission of India, a body constitutionally empowered to conduct free and fair elections to the national and state legislatures. Chief Election Commissioner of India is usually a member of the Indian Civil Service and mostly from the Indian Administrative Service.The President of India appoints the Chief Election Commissioner.


Sukumar Sen1950 to 1958
K.V.K.Sundaram1958 to 1967
S.P.Sen Verma1967 to 1972
Dr.Nagendra Singh1972 to 1973
T.Swaminathan1973 to 1977
S.L.Shakdhar1977 to 1982
R.K.Trivedi1982 to 1985
R.V.S.Peri Sastri1986 to 1990
Smt.V.S.Rama Devi1990 to 1990
T.N.Seshan1990 to 1996
M.S.Gill1996 to 2001
J.M.Lyngdoh2001 to 2004
T.S.Krishna Murthy2004 to 2005
B.B.Tandon2005 to 2006
N.Gopalaswamy2006 to 2009
Naveen Chawla2009 to 2010
V.S.Sampath 2012 – Till date

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